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Innovation Alliance Carbon Nanotubes: Innovation for industry and society

In the last few years, applications involving carbon nanotubes (CNT) have been experiencing enormous growth because of the materialís unique properties. They can be used to produce completely new types of materials with spectacular characteristics. To exploit this potential to the full, the Innovation Alliance CNT (Inno.CNT) has been created with the support of Germany's Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

The overall aim of the initiative is to establish a key market for the technology of carbon nanotubes in Germany, which will serve as a global leader in the field of innovative carbon nanomaterials. For this purpose, a large group of around 80 expert partners from industry and science have joined forces to form a strong, interdisciplinary innovation alliance known as Inno.CNT. More details of this alliance are given on the following pages.

All projects of the innovation alliance Inno.CNT have already been completed. Hence, the web presence is no longer maintained. Project results are still available in the download section. Further information concerning CNTs and other carbon nano-materials can be obtained from the website or via